Trackday Bilster Berg 2018/05/30

I booked my first trackday with the Seven-IG on the Bilster Berg Drive Resort happening end of May 2018.

Pitlane02, Circuit Bilster Berg, CC BY-SA 3.0

I arrived early with the Caterham  in quite heavy fog. The weather over the day turned out to be sunny and perfect all day long despite a forecast with rain in the afternoon.
The Seven-IG group targeting on lightweight sports-cars was a good balance of Lotus Elises, Exiges, Sevens, Opel Speedsters and some others. The other organizer’s group was quite Porsche biased (911 GT3s, Caymans amon others).

Exit of curve ‘mousetrap’ with ~110km/h: A left turn with a 26% slope followed by a 21% rise. The car gets very light entering the mousetrap and gains massive grip due to heavy compression at the bottom.

The Caterham crossing the start-finish line.

An empty start-finish straight in perfect sunny weather just before lunch.

Same location onboard.

View towards the braking zone at the end of the start-finish line.

One lap of session 2 in the morning , learning the track

Trackday Bilster Berg 2018/05/30
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