Jacking up a Seven

I lifted my Caterham for the first time today and pondered on it for a while. This is what I came up with:


I don’t like the idea of using the “cruciform” centre as a jacking point (no vertical strutting catching the forces) nor using the tow-hook eye (unbalanced twisting forces). I decided to use the recommended jack-stand positions with a sturdy piece of wood lifted in the middle and two rubber blocks to protect the frame tubing.

The only drawback: Even with my low-profile jack I have to drive on ramps since ground clearance is too low. I will refine the method with a sturdy but slimmer metal profile.


The EU4/5 end-silencer blocks some potential rear lifting points/jack stand locations. Hence I decided to use the common central A-frame mount. I’m not a big fan of this solutions since this puts stress on the DeDion tube but it should be OK for today’s construction. Again I had to use rubber blocks in order to stay away from the rear silencer. As a benefit this also protects the A-frame.

Jacking up a Seven
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