Mirrors mounted

I replaced the three-legged Talbot retro-style mirrors with the standard black Caterham mirrors on the “SVA”-mounts – suit the car much better in my humble opinion:

The lower two legs of the old mirrors act as stanchion mounting bolts, the upper leg replaces one door-hinge bolt. To remove the lower legs the cover sheet metal that’s held in place with self-cutting screws has to be removed:

The stanchions are re-fastened with the regular black stanchion-to-scuttle screws. I replaced all door-hinge screws with black 2VA screws with Torx drive and black nyloc nuts:

The SVA mirror mount studs simply replace the middle screws of the windscreen-frame and the mounts are held in place on them with a set-screw – simple.

Ready to go:

Comparison of mirrors:

Mirrors mounted
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